PMI FOR UKRAINE is initiative by 20 Project Management Institute (PMI) Chapters collaborating to support Ukraine. Project Managers who want to do something to support Ukraine and the refugees - here’s how you can get involved!

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The illegal invasion and brutal assault on Ukraine by Russia continues. Over 4 million Ukrainians have fled to other countries across Europe and the rest of the world, and it’s estimated that more than 7 million people are displaced internally. Ukraine has natural resources such as farmland and minerals, but now cities, hospitals, schools, businesses, and infrastructure are being destroyed.

We are project managers. As professionals, we sign up to a Code of Conduct and Ethics. We commit to upholding international law. We’ve come together to help Ukrainian people, both to survive and rebuild Ukraine, and to help refugees who come to our countries.

We appeal to you, our local and global professional community to join us in supporting Ukraine!


Donate money to where it can do the most good, we recommend that you support and donate to some of the big organizations in Ukraine who are set up to respond to humanitarian needs:

For humanitarian aid in the conflict zone.

For humanitarian help focused on children.

For humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine.

Save the lives of animals in Zoos and shelters.

Support our Humanitarian Action

Our Chapters volunteers are organising collection and delivery of humanitarian aid from Europe to Ukraine.

We believe that you, our professional community, are the most powerful resource that we have and that can make a difference. Your personal and professional connections to various industries and companies can help us to secure the most needed humanitarian donations such as food, shelter materials and medical items.

Please contact us at if you have close connection to producers, manufacturers or suppliers in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic or Slovakia that could supply the following humanitarian goods: List of needed Humanitarian Aid.

In collaboration with PMI Ukraine Chapter and humanitarian aid distribution volunteers we ensure that all collected humanitarian goods will reach those who are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.

Follow PMI Ukraine Chapter Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts for updates about our Humanitarian Action.

Offer Jobs for Ukrainians

Join our LinkedIn Group: JOBS for displaced Ukrainian project and agile professionals.

We have created this professionals community space to connect employers across Europe with displaced Ukrainian professionals and students who are looking for jobs and internships. Today the group has over 400 members.

We welcome you and companies to post job vacancies, project assignments or paid internship offers and to directly contact Ukrainian candidates who share their CV. We recommend to offer fast-track recruitment and relocation/safety package to Ukrainian candidates.

Join events for Ukraine

Check our EVENTS FOR UKRAINE page where we will be posting events organised by PMI Chapters and project managers around the world in support of Ukrainian people.

PMI United Kingdom Chapter contact

If you are an Ukrainian seeking support or an individual or a company in the UK wanting to get involved please contact:

Hugo Minney:

To contact other PMI Chapter please check relevant country flag.